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We offer professional Show Secretarial/Superintendent Services for Canadian Kennel Club events.

We pride ourselves in the high quality of care and service we offer to Host Clubs, Exhibitors and Judges.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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Effective January 1, 2011 - Non-Member Participation Fee

a) A non-member participation fee will be charged to a resident of Canada who is a non-member of the CKC. The fee will be $59.40 plus applicable taxes.

b) The non-member participation fee is paid in any year a title is earned and covers all titles and dogs owned by that individual.

c) In order for the title to be awarded, the non-member will have a choice to either become a CKC member or pay the non-member participation fee. Failure to comply within 30 days of notification will result in the title being withheld and the dog cannot be moved up to the next level.

d) The fee applies only to dogs wholly owned by non-member residents of Canada and is not applicable to CKC members.

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